About Us


We’re Daniel and Stacy Tabb.

Our mission

We believe there ought to be a Constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter.

No, wait…

We believe in making things with our hands. Sure, we have our giant horse of a sewing machine to help us along, but we’re designing, cutting, assembling, and fundamentally making all of our goods using our own brain and muscle power.

We believe everyone should make something with their hands. And if you don’t know how, we’ll teach you.

What’s with the logo?

Mr. and Mrs. Boondock have traveled all over the world: him in service in the US Navy, and her as an Army-contractor brat. During their dating days, whilst comparing life stories, they discovered they’d nearly missed each other a half dozen times before finally meeting, and had stomped around in many of the same places in the same countries at different times. So, the compass rose was an obvious choice for their logo.

And it’ll help you find them, too.