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About Boondock Studios

Boondock Studios is husband and wife team Daniel and Stacy Tabb. They make beautiful and practical pieces from leather, woven fibers, and handcut stone, and they'll teach these Post Apocalyptic Life Skills to anyone in their studio in Lakeland, Florida. They're not saying the zombie apocalypse is coming, but isn't it better to be prepared?

Stacy Tabb


Stacy has been painting and drawing since she was a kid. Then came sculpture, graphic design, two awesome kids, and an unfortunate foray into HTML/CSS and website design. While that last part definitely paid the bills, it just wasn't very fun.

Then Dan taught her leather work, she taught herself weaving, and they both learned lapidary work together. These days they work at trying to combine all three in as many artful ways as possible.

The way Stacy sees it, everything is art, only the mediums vary.

P.S. She doesn't believe in zombies.

Daniel Tabb


Dan has spent his entire adult life dealing with the small details; first in the Navy, and then as a cartographer. It took an extended stay in the VA hospital, learning to manage his nerve damage, to broaden his perspective.

His father taught him leather work as a kid, and the VA doctors encouraged anything he could do to maintain flexibility in his hands, so he picked up those old tools and bootstrapped his way into business.

Dan can't draw a straight line with a ruler, but he can make leather and stone jump through hoops.

P.S. He's actually seen a zombie.

Daniel & Stacy Tabb

Where To Find Us

Every Saturday at the Downtown Farmer's Curb Market in Lakeland, FL.

Classes TBD.