New Digs! AKA Suckit Wix!

New Digs! AKA Suckit Wix!
June 19, 2019 Stacy
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Beach Time

Before we opened our brick and mortar store, we decided to rework our site, and we were in a hurry, probably for media attention reasons. Despite having a decade of WordPress development under my belt, I opted for Wix that time, not realizing their monthly price does not include such staples as stats tracking, contact forms, etc. Basically everything that is considered standard on most platforms, Wix nickles/dimes their customers until you’re suddenly looking at a $60/month bill for your site.

Sadly, it was worth it at the time.

But no longer! After a last-straw sort of situation a few weeks ago, we are happy to be back privately hosted (by the awesome Hosting Matters, Inc.) and minimizing our very own therbligs.

So, enjoy the new online store, won’t you? And the fact that you can now create a Wishlist of your very favorite items. And share that Wishlist with your loved ones for gift ideas!

And now, beach time!

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