Just Off the Bench

  • Aug022019

    Just Off the Bench: Leather Wrap Vest

    Just delivered today, this gorgeous, custom chocolate leather wrap vest for one of our favorite customers! The t-shirt/tape method was…

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  • Jul192019

    Just Off the Bench: Handbound Books!

    More gorgeous handbound books by Mr. Boondock! The spines are all hand stitches, they contain lovely cotton paper from Legion…

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  • Jul122019

    Just Off the Bench: More Mini Handbound Books

    More gorgeous Mini Handbound Books by the lovely and talented Mr. Boondock. Did you know he’s making these gorgeous little…

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  • Jul112019

    Just Off the Bench: Mini Handbound Book Necklace

    This lovely little book is handbound, with a handstitched spine, and covered in soft glove leather. The necklace hardware is…

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  • Jun292019
    tote bag and crossbody bag

    Just Off the Bench: Liberty Bell Blue Bags

    One of our favorite leather suppliers, Acadia Leather, calls this “Liberty Bell Blue.” We call it frickin’ awesome and we’re…

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  • Jun282019
    rockstar belt

    Just Off the Bench: Rockstar Belts!

    You don’t have to be a rockstar to totally rock this belt…but it might just make you into one. (“Metaphysically”…

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  • Jun272019
    handbound book

    Just Off the Bench: Handbound Photo Book/Guestbook

    This latest gorgeous handbound book measures 12 x 6 and would be perfect for your favorite photographs or for use…

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