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Boondock Studios is husband and wife team Daniel and Stacy Tabb. We make beautiful and practical pieces from leather, woven fibers, and handcut stone, and we'll teach these Post Apocalyptic Life Skills to anyone in our studio in Lakeland, Florida.

This week's classes...
Thursday 6-9PM: Front Pocket Wallet, Notebook Wallet, Kid's Super Hero Mask, and Hipster Coffee Mugs
Saturday, 3-6PM: Travel Style Journal, Christmas Stocking, and Sleigh Bells.
(You can come in and do any project we currently have prepped though.)

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What We Do

Our Work

Large Saddlebag

Moto Bison Belts

Sugar Skull Rabbit Mask

Travel Style Journals

Heavy Metal Bracelets

Tattooed Sketchbook Cover

Skull Embossed + Fringe Tote

Pierced Raven Mask

Fringe Necklaces

Stag Mask

Carved Hatband with Turquoise

Carved Initial Journal

Leather + Suede Artist Tool Bag

Leather + Gemstone Rings

Gemstone + Leather Bag

Custom Stamped Key Rings

Christmas Ornaments

Full Corset

Skull Messenger

Yowah Boulder Opal

Morenci Turquoise

Desert Gem Variscite

Leather + Stone Wallets

Leather + Stone Necklaces

Bison Briefcase

Christmas Stockings

Large Carved Sketchbook Cover

Fringe Tote

Libido Knievel Belt

Top Hats

Croc Print Tote

X Stitch Tote

Bauta Mask


Weekender Bag

Fringe Club Bags

Small Animal Bags

Skull Riveted Tote

Classic Tote

Carved Octopus Journal Cover

Sugar Skull Hair Sticks

Octopus Bag


Mermaid Poetry Sketchbook Cover

Knife Sheaths

Portfolio and Messenger Set

Carved Boar Sporran

Carved Boar Cuff

Carved Journal

Door Pulls

Knife Roll

Canvas + Leather Mail Bags

Various Masks

Carved Journals

Ring Bear Pouch

Gypsy Moth Sketchbook Cover

Celtic-Carved Boots

Hair Sticks

European Dragon Mask

Knitting Needle Roll

Painted Antlers

November 2015 Show

Painted Rocks

Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstone Wallets

Gemstone Cuffs

Gemstone Bracelets

Matching Larimar Flame Necklaces

Belly Dancer’s Necklaces

Jasper and Turquoise Cabochons

Fire Agate Cabochon

Crazy Lace Agate Cabochon

Turquoise Cabochons

Woven Wall Hangings

Woven Bags

Woven Scarves

Tribal Fish Wall Hanging

Woven Pillows

Turtle Wall Hanging

Woven Hats

The Shop – The Learning Annex

The Shop – The Bazaar

The Shop – Front

Knit Hats

Jayne Hats

Knife Rolls

Carved Journal Covers

Classic Messenger Bag

Carved Lotus Cuff

Basket Repair

Year One Masks

Revolution Ice Cream Company Logo

Tool Belt

Tassel Shoulder Bag

Squid Mask

Great Horned Owl Mask

Belt Bags

Reclaimed Metal Plate Messenger Bag

First Leather Journal

Bicycle Tool Bag

First Plague Doctor Mask

Who We Are

Where We Are

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